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Heroes of Hammerwatch asset.bin Structure

I month or so ago I started looking into the Heroes of Hammerwatch file structures trying to see how easy it would be to create custom campaigns or mods. When I first got the game and started playing with it there were very little in-memory protections, but now the game seems to have quite a few protections in place. Both while running and in the assets themselves.

Do note though this post is being written because I'm putting this project on hiatus for some other projects and just wanted to dump what little bits and pieces I remember for future me if I pick this up again.

Right now all I've succeeded in doing is a basic understanding of the assets.bin, there was plans to figure out the town.bsa and character .savs but didn't have the time.

The tools I ended up using to aid in reversing are: Radare2, Okteta, and Kaitai Struct.

So using radare to debug the game and kaitai to template out the assets.bin with ksv I was able to brute force figure out some of the structure. Ther…