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Netool Reverse Engineering

The netool is a network diagnostics device sold by Netool LLC. The hardware itself is a chinese openwrt router + power bank. If you dig through the FCC documents for it you can find references to a 'CLOUD WIFI' / 'TOBY' company that is selling these with OpenWRT on them. The netool company took this hardware and did a lot of software work on it in order to create the Phone Apps and API server that runs on the device itself.

The hardware is a Ralink RT5350 SoC with 32M of DRAM and a 128M SPI flash for storage. More info can be found on the DevWiki page.

As for getting into the netool its fairly simple. I started out trying to probe the 4 pins on the side of the device hoping they were attached to the serial interface of the SoC. Turns out the 4 pins actually go to the Battery Management Controller. I don't see any other test / probe pads so I went ahead and just dumped the SPI Flash with a buspirate. Digging through the flash dump with binwalk shows a uBoot bootload…