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Arch Linux and hldsupdatetool SIGSEV (Segmentation Fault)

I've recently moved my Linode VPS from Ubuntu to Arch to try and save some disk space (which it actually does). The VPS is just a simple one to conserve my bandwidth at home to host some garrysmod or various source servers. Problem tho, the latest glibc that installs with pacman on arch fucks up with the hldsupdate tool. Well this is problematic, simple solution tho. Two options what I did was reinstall arch on the VPS and didn't run a -Syu, luckly enough the older version of glibc that comes with the base install is compatible with hldsupdatetool. But if you're reading this you probably don't want to reinstall arch just for srcds, so here is the steam i686 binary that comes out of the hldsupdatetool (see bottom). Just run ./steam (might have to chmod +x it) and it should create your clientregistry.blob in ~/Steam then run it a second time and you should get the help menu. Have fun installing dedicated server stuff :D

By downloading this you accept to the valve/steam e…

Gnome 3: Shuffle Wallpapers

I need to post on this blog more.

I recently moved off of ubuntu linux and switched to arch (great os by the way) and still kept my gnome desktop like ubuntu, issue is i was on a older version of ubuntu that was still using gnome 2 so when i switched to arch it put me on gnome 3 which looks unfortunatly WAY different. That is unless you use fallback mode like I am, then it looks alot more like gnome 2. Altho this isn't the solution you are looking for, you're here because your wallpapoz/drapes/generic wallpaper changer no longer works for gnome 3. Sadly they moved away from gconf and the likes and now they use some xml kinda thing with gsettings and that is why most other desktop changers don't work with it yet (that i know of) so I got pissed and made a very simple and short python script to shuffle my wallpapers from a directory where all my wallpapers are stored. I'll shut up now and just give you the script.

I told you it was really short

Rocketfish RF-HV3 (Mobile iPod Dock) Disable Automatic Standby

I have  a rocketfish rf-hv3 mobile ipod dock thing which works quite nicely, runs off 4 AA's or a wall-wart and has quite nice sound quality for 2 little speakers. Issue is if no signal is recieved from the line-in or ipod dock after 5 minutes then the device will automatically shutdown. This is a problem because when I first got it I planned to use my iTouch as an alarm and charge the itouch at night but after 5 minutes it would turn off and when my iTouch started going off it wouldn't play any music to wake me up. Also its an issue when I use the line-in to connect it to my Yaesu HT and after 5 minutes of silence on the repeater it shuts off and then when something does come trough I never hear it...

Well after messing around with my little digital osc. (DSO Nano v2) on the dock, I noticed the N79E825 MCU which runs the dock has the (left?) mono signal going to pin 16 which is the P0.5/CMPREF/AD2 pin. Well with some trial and error I've noticed if that pin stays low for …

DSC Keybus Protocol

Well I figured I should make a blogger for any Technical related crap I do and here I am, hopefully I can hack lots of nice things to post about in here. First thing up is DSC Keybus protocol which the propriatary protocol used by DSC in their alarm system keypads.

For the time being all I know about the protocol is that the clock line runs at 1kHz with 50% duty and oddly enough only does so for 41.6ms then it stays high for 5.4ms and starts all over again. The data line seems to transistion on either the falling or rising edge of the clock, which led Kortuk of to belive that it is NRZ encoding which I'm not sure of yet but here are some OLS dumps of the data and clock lines hopefully I can figure this out and implement it with a old computer to keep tabs on door closes and opens ect.

Also there are some quite interesting reads out there that I'm using to help out:
My OLS Dumps
My Chiphacker Post
Wikipedia NRZ
AVR Freaks - Keybus Thread
PC-5401 Developer PDF