Gnome 3: Shuffle Wallpapers

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I recently moved off of ubuntu linux and switched to arch (great os by the way) and still kept my gnome desktop like ubuntu, issue is i was on a older version of ubuntu that was still using gnome 2 so when i switched to arch it put me on gnome 3 which looks unfortunatly WAY different. That is unless you use fallback mode like I am, then it looks alot more like gnome 2. Altho this isn't the solution you are looking for, you're here because your wallpapoz/drapes/generic wallpaper changer no longer works for gnome 3. Sadly they moved away from gconf and the likes and now they use some xml kinda thing with gsettings and that is why most other desktop changers don't work with it yet (that i know of) so I got pissed and made a very simple and short python script to shuffle my wallpapers from a directory where all my wallpapers are stored. I'll shut up now and just give you the script.

I told you it was really short
Also you can `wget` this link

So now you simply copy that into a file or wget it, how you obtain it doesn't matter so long as its in a file and the #! header is still there. Now you need to give it execute permissions `chmod ug+x` and then give it a `./` to make sure it changes your wallpaper, if all goes well then now all we have to do is make it run on startup.

To make it run on startup there is an easy way by executing `gnome-session-properties` and adding it through that GUI or you can go into ~/config/autostart (~/ means your home directory) and creating a .desktop file with THIS in it.

Hopefully now your desktop shuffles and you are happy again, now take that smile over to and share some love.

Thanks for reading
~Aaron M


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