Steam Link Software Update System

Currently looking into the updater system for the Steam Link.

As for the update system its fairly simple, the first thing the Link does is send a request to.

That returns a newline delimited list of the 'public' Steam Link builds. If there is a higher version in that list somewhere then it will send a request to[current_version]_[latest_version].zip

That will download the delta update and the system will reboot. Its actually pretty well thought out how they designed the update system, it uses bsdiff to keep the updates small. 

Also after some trial and error I found that[version].zip is also available for full updates, these zips even contain the recovery/bootloader files.


  1. Is there anyway to access a recovery if your link won't boot up past the splash screen and you haven't hacked it? It would be idiotic if they allow no access to the recovery without hacks. O.o

  2. Yes, create a file named factory_reset.txt and put a '1' in it. Then put that file in a folder named 'steamlink' and put that folder with the file in it on the root of a pen-drive.

    So you'll have a file named /steamlink/factory_reset.txt on a usb pendrive. When you plug that into the steam link and un-plug the power and re-plug in the power for the Steam Link it should revert you back to the latest recovery on your device.

  3. Thanks. It doesn't seem to be trying to access the thumbdrive.

    1. Interesting. Is it FAT32 or EXT4 formatted? Both of those should work.

    2. Late response. It was both but I rma'd the unit. It seems like it has to be booted to do a factory reset. Valve also made me pay return shipping. I've never rma'd a device over broken software. It can always be fixed until now I guess. That's a huge oversight. It cost me $20. to send back which pissed me off.

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