Steam Link Developer Builds

Notice for anyone that hasn't found the dev_build.txt and the two indev builds 'available' to the public right now. I've been neglecting to post the dev_builds.txt just to avoid anyone from grabbing the 337 and 341 and flashing them to their links. The 337 build works fine but I see no notable changes, the 341 build actually fails to run on the steam link. On startup the 341 build gives you an error telling you to contact a internal valve employee. The message is a little more specific but I'm trying to avoid names. 

But if you're feeling technical and comfortable in your ability to fix your steam link should something mess up then you can flash the 337 and 341 builds manually with a USB drive, see the S01config script in /etc/init.d/startup in there you can see how to change your update branch to dev and flash the dev images. Once again I'm being ambiguous just to avoid hand-holding anyone into messing something up. All in all though the two dev builds don't hold anything useful to the public, the 341 is fairly interesting with its error message though. 

Also 04_2015 is a valid hardware branch, but I doubt any of those SystemUpdate images will cooperate on our public 06_2015 hardware. Tinker carefully my friends.


  1. Ow nice, I dint knew about dev_builts.txt. But I did figure out the 04_2015. There should be 2 firmware in the root of the steamlink folder, found one. 43 and 44 (165Mb) former one isnt there? anyway nice work on Arch :D I wonder what firmware runs on the prototype SteamLinks ;) at Assemblergames someone showed 2 difernt boards. (not really cosmeticly diferent, just no case). trying to figure out how the recovery and bootloader work, probably im a noob :P

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